Shoe Section


Styling Leather to Shoe has everything to say about the vision and goals of our Shoe Company, instilling the passion for fashion in our Designers to deliver the FINEST.

Working closely with our R&D and equally passionate suppliers, Alig strives for creativity that is truly fashionable & unique, positioning our customers’ right into the playground with the best in global market. Our vertical Integration of Tannery & Shoe Manufacturing ensures that the creativity is not only TRENDY but also commercially preferable in the market, enhancing our customer’s competitive advantage.

With cutting edge CAD technology, high precision production infrastructure and discipline embedded work culture, we make sure that not only we are the best in fashion but also fiercely competitive in the marketplace, adhering to its key policies and commitments.

Recognising the fact, that QUALITY is in its PEOPLE, Alig firmly believes in Skill Development and HR Training. Our In-House training centre, has consistently upgraded personals from various levels of organisation, creating a mutual benefit of Self-Empowerment & improved performance.

Alig is also a practising Socially Responsible company, running a Local Charity Hospital (H.A.H Hospital) to serve the community.